Accepting a Connect invitation and logging in

Accepting a Connect invitation and logging in

Welcome to Connect, the enterprise social collaboration platform

You have been invited to join a social collaboration platform by an organisation, as a member. Connect is a collaboration portal, accessible only to members of that portal. A brief overview of connect below:

Accepting your invitation

That organisation will have added you via your email address, and you will then receive an invitation to join. Such invitation may look similar to this:

The sender of the email is either (or for Australian data centre) - or a custom email address by the company inviting you. 
When you click on the button to Accept the invitation, you will be directed to Zoho Accounts to create your account. 

When creating an account, you must create a password. The organisation may have password security requirements and you may need to install a Two Factor Authentication. Follow the instructions on the screen if required.

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