Assign client users in Zoho Projects

How to assign a client company to Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to assign client resources to your project, and assign tasks to them. Client resources have a restricted access to the projects module - for instance, client users cannot enter time in time sheets or see financial information.

First, you need to assign a client to the project. You do this in Settings, and select Client Users (you select settings with the crossed spanner icon at the top right of the screen.

You can find the Client users under the Manage Users menu.
Before adding a client user, you need to add a client company. You can do this by clicking the button "Add Client Company" to do this manually, or via the three dots menu to the right of that, and import from CRM (you must have your CRM integration enabled). If you manually add the client company, you need to manually enter all the details, and select the projects you wish to assign to the client.

Alternatively, you could import your client company from CRM, by clicking the button with the three dots, and select "import from CRM". You select the company you wish to associate, and select the contact you wish to assign. Note that once assigned, the contact from the client user will automatically receive an email as an invitation to the portal.
It is also possible (and actually recommended) to link a client from CRM. Open CRM, and navigate to the account you wish to assign to a project. In the project part of the screen on the account, you can assign the account to a new or existing project. 

If you associate a project - you have to select an existing project. If you create a new project, you can create one from scratch or assign a template to use. The screen below is for an existing project:

Enter the details, and assign the required users. Note that you must have a contact in CRM with an email address to be able to assign them. Note also that from this screen, you do not yet have to assign client users. Once you do assign client users, they will automatically receive an email with an invitation to the portal.

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