How to change your primary login email address

How to change your primary login email address

Sometimes you need to change the email address you use to log into Zoho. This could be because during the trial, you signed up with a different address, or you changed your email address. This should NOT be used for linking a different user to the account - the scenario is that you currently log in with <>@<yourdomain>.com and want to log in via <>@<yourdomain>.com, or you signed up with <>@<gmail>/<hotmail>.com and wish to point it to <>@<yourdomain>.com.

Example - Mark from Unboxed Business signed up to the Zoho account via - and needs it to change to


Mark from Unboxed Business signed up to the Zoho acocunt via - and needs to change it to

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to and in the Home page » click on My Profile Info » Email Address. 

2. Click on add Email » Enter the new Email address and the Current Password (password of the account you have logged into) and Click on Add.

3. The new email address will be listed under Secondary Email Address.

4. Click on the Make Primary link to make the new email address primary.

5. Click the Resend Confirmation mail link

6. An email with the Activation link will be sent to the new email address, which you need to confirm. You can click the Activation link to confirm the account.

7. Once the new email has been added as the primary email address » you can then remove the old email from the secondary address

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