I cannot add a user to my Zoho CRM account: User already has an account

I cannot add a user to CRM in Zoho One - account already exists

It happens often that users create a trial account when they try to log into CRM (or any other Zoho Application) prior to them being invited into the Zoho Organisation. A user or CRM can only be in one organisation with each email address - therefore the user must close down the trial account prior to being able to join the organisation's CRM account, or use a different email address for each Zoho CRM organisation.

To do this, the user needs to log into that trial account. If the trial account has expired, the user should proceed to the free version (there will be a dialogue for this). Then in Settings, the user clicks Company Details.

If no company details have been set up, create a single entry (i.e. the company name) and press save. Enter Company details again.

In the company details screen, the option to cancel the account is displayed. If not, it means that there are other users in this account. These users must be deleted/deactivated before the account can be cancelled. If there are other users present, it may take up to two days after they are deactivated that the account can be deleted.

Once the cancellation is completed, the user can be added to the Zoho One CRM instance of the organisation.
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