Candidate application form Zoho Recruit

I want to create a form on my website for Candidates to register - how to add acceptance of terms and conditions?

In Zoho Recruit, you can create a form which you can embed on your website, in which candidates can submit their profiles and resumes - the process of creating a webform is very straightforward, and a code is generated to embed this on your site (Zoho Sites, Wordpress, Wix, or any other website builder technology that can except embed or iFrame code).

First, you need to ensure that all the fields are available on the candidate entity. To do this, go to Settings, click Setup, and navigate to Modules under the Customisation heading. Here you can add and remove fields to the entity form, which will automatically be synchronised in the data model. See the video below for the example of the Terms and Conditions field.

If you want to change the terms and conditions content on your candidate profile, hover with the mouse on the field in the module builder, and select from the appearing gear icon "Edit Properties".

When all the fields are added to the entity, you can add them to your webform. You do not need to write any code to create a webform, but you will need access to your website builder, and you need to know how to create an embedded form or an iFrame on your page. If you do not know how to do this, it is recommended to give the code to your webmaster. Please see the video below for instructions on how to create a webform.

On the form - you do need to make the Terms and Conditions field mandatory if you want the candidate to be halted from submission without accepting the terms. To do this, on the webform, hover the mouse next to the Terms and Conditions field you just added, and clickthe Gear icon.

A new form opens with the properties of the Terms and Condition field opens, ensure the "Mark field as required" check box is checked.

Once these steps have been completed, you are ready to embed the form/iFrame on your website. Please refer to the instructions of your website builder technology to either embed the form or the iFrame. Alternatively, send the code to your webmaster with instructions on which page you want the form to appear.