Setting up your Guest Speaker Profile in ShowTime

Setting up your Guest Speaker Profile in ShowTime

When invited to be a guest speaker in Zoho ShowTime, you will receive an invitation to register for the application with the organisation that invited you to speak. You will be invited via your email address, and you will have to create a new password (if you forget the password, there is a link to reset this - for which you need access to the same email account with which you registered. 

Save the URL of the ShowTime application in your favourites in your browser for quick access. 

ShowTime works best with Chromium based browsers (such as Google Chrome).

Your guest speaker profile is created under the ShowTime settings menu. You fill out all the relevant fields to make your profile as complete as required.

This profile is accessible to the people that register for the training, and click on trainer profile.

Guest speakers need to be invited to the platform. Once invited, they will have access only to Zoho ShowTime as a trainer. The first to complete is the user profile.

At the end of the session, the guest speaker's profile will be disabled so it can be reused for someone else. When the guest speaker returns, the profile is reactivated, and the previous details are restored.

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