Installation options for WorkDrive Synchronisation Client in Windows

WorkDrive synchronisation tool under windows - installation options

When installing the WorkDrive synchronisation tool on the Windows desktop - you may be confronted with a dialog asking if you wish to install the "advanced" or "basic" features. For the advanced features, it is necessary to have local administrator privileges on  the Windows machine.

If you choose advanced and supply local system administrator password (if the current user account does NOT have local administrator privileges) it gives you two advanced features in desktop sync application and they are Overlay Icons and Contextual menu.

Overlay icon: You can find the status of the sync for the files/folders. They are:

Blue circle: Sync in progress.
Green Tick: Sync completed.
Red exclamation: Unable to sync.

Contextual menu: When you right click a file/folder from within desktop sync folder you can find two additional options in the pop up list and they are Copy the WorkDrive link and View from in browser). In case you want to move a document from another location in your computer to WorkDrive folder then you will also get an option there as Move to WorkDrive. 

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