Zoho Vault account remains on Account Creation Pending - even after master password has been set

Zoho Vault account remains on Account Creation Pending - even after master password has been set

When the Zoho Vault account is stuck on Pending Account Creation for a user, the sharing handshake is not initiated. This can be resolved by manually initiate the sharing request. Note that this can only be done in the old UI (see below). 

  1. Open a new tab and access the Zoho Vault's old interface with the following link - https://vault.zoho.com/online/main (replace .com with .com.au, .in, or .eu pending on what datacenter your Zoho applications are hosted).
  2. Enter the Master Password in the Passphrase field
  3. Navigate to Settings >> Sharing Secrets >> Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the Initiate Sharing button.

If your User Interface looks nothing like this - you are in the new UI - please click on your account avatar, and from the side panel click go back to the old version. 

Once you have initiated sharing, you can go back to the new version.

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